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API Documentation (Chinese number)

Method:POST/GET Suggest use POST
Submit Data:action=xx&parameter=value....


[username] : you username in our system,like
[token] : show at First Page you login, like 9ac2d96d7134bdfe61cba4724e174423
[pid] : Project ID(PID) , found at project list which you want use.
[mobile]: the mobile number you get, like 8615113875319
[author]: This is username of author.If use this,the author will earn 10% that cost,like our system)

Every Mobile number that captured need be processed(Get SMS or Add black list).If you get more mobile number,but not got sms or add blacklist.That will be Maximum (50 numbers) and Failed.

If you have block by CDN,Contct us to add your IP to our white list

1.Login and got summary

1) Submit: action=login&username=[username]&token=[token]
2) Return: [username]|[balance]|[integral]
3) Example:|10|10

2.Get a mobile number

1) Submit: action=getmobile&username=[username]&token=[token]&pid=[pid]
2) Return: [mobile]
3) Example: 8615113875319

3.Get SMS

1) Submit: action=getsms&username=[username]&token=[token]&pid=[pid]&mobile=[mobile]&author=[author]
2) Return: 1|[SMS Content]
3) Example: 1|WhatsApp code 123-456.
4) Do not Request Get SMS Fast , Every 10s is best. Too Fast will be block our system.

4.Add mobile to Black list

1) Submit: action=addblack&username=[username]&token=[token]&pid=[pid]&mobile=[mobile]
2) Return: Message|Had add black list

5.View Mobile List

1) Submit: action=mobilelist&username=[username]&token=[token]
2) Return: [mobile]|[pid],[mobile]|[pid]
3) Example:8613790022817|3,8613790042684|3

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