Phone Rent Service
1. What is the free trial?

After activating your account via email you will obtain $0.20 in your total balance for free. However, all messages sent to the phone numbers you use will be encrypted until you pay for our service.

2. How do I charge my account?

To pay for our service, after you login to your account click on “Topup”, and click the pay button. You may also send a payment with a requirement. We accept Stripe, Webmoney, Bitcoin, and Payoneer.
For Stripe, you can only pay less then $10 the first time. 
If same Stripe total payment than $25, $25 pay option will show and so on.
The maximum amount that you can pay is $200,
Other payment options are not affected by this limit.

3. What are points?

Points are the same as your total recharge. The more points you have the more discounts you will receive (ONLY for Chinese mobile exclude New SIM project). If you have more than $500, you will get 50% off.

4. How long will it take for my balance to update?

You may use Stripe, Bitcoin, etc that will auto add funds. Sometimes it may take longer then expected, if it does not update after a long period of time please contact us with your payment details which we will use to add the funds manually.

5. What if I can’t find the service I want to use?

If you cannot find the service you want to use, you may contact us to add support for that service, which we will then review and approve as fast as we can.

6. What if it fails to capture any phone numbers?

Check your balance to ensure you have enough money, after that try to capture again or refresh your page. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us.

7. What if it fails to get the SMS?

Usually, it should take about 1 minute to get. If you fail to receive any SMS after 3 minutes you may request a new phone number and blacklist the old one. 

8. Is the number that I received completely private?

The number that you receive is not completely private, however it can only be used once per service that it is used for in our system. 
For example,In our system,if you use your number for Whatsapp nobody can use that number again for Whatsapp, however they may still be able to use it for gmail, which once again nobody will then be able to use the same number for gmail. 
However, to keep it at a low price, that number we not hold long time,will be returned to the market in the future and could be used again by other people.
You can buy private number at our other website Receive SMS Online.

9. Can I use bitcoin?

Yes, we accept Bitcoin, you can find info on topup page with coinpayments button.

10. How can I withdraw?

This just can withdraw the Affiliate Comission.Can't withdraw balance.You may withdraw using Paypal, Webmoney, and Bitcoin. You must first update this info at your profile page, and then request at the withdraw page.

11. What is API thread limit?

Minimum is system allow capture numbers quantity at begin.
Dynamic is system allow capture numbers quantity now,This is dynamic base sms received quantity in last 10 minutes,so when you run script success rate higher,that will more and more.
We do not limit the amount of numbers that can be used, we just limit the amount of numbers that can be captured at the same time in a thread. 

For example, if you have 20 threads, and the average recieve time is 10 seconds, then you can use (24 hours X 60 minutes X 60 seconds /10) X 20 threads = 172800 numbers. 
Here is the formula to calculate how many numbers you can get in a certain amount of time (assuming everything remains constant): ( TOTAL_HOURS X TOTAL_MINUTES X TOTAL_SECONDS / AVERAGE_RECIEVE_TIME ) X THREADS = TOTAL_NUMBERS

12. How to protect your account?

You can active 2-factor login.That help your account protect to login with your permission.Check Guide Video

If you long-time not use our service,You can set your account to protect status,In this status,your credits can not be use.If you want use again,you can remove this status(Need email confirm).Guide Video

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